Hello guys finally we offer you the chance to ski or simply to enjoy mountains and snow!
Together with IULM University, we organized the IULM snow day!!

When: 22nd of March in the amazing location of Pila in one of the smallest region of Italy: VALLE D'AOSTA

The program is the following:
Leaving by bus at 07:00 from the university and leaving Pila at 16:30.

How much?
The cost is almost nothing:
---> For the sporty one (who wants to ski) only €44 which includes:
- Bus Round trip
- Skypass
- Insurance
- Breakfast pack.
- Moreover, there is a chance to organize a slalom match!

---> For those who don't want to ski the cost is only €13 and includes:
- Bus round trip
- Insurance
- Breakfast pack

To enrol please pass by our office Wednesday and Thursday from 13:30 to 15:00

You only have these two days to register! After that is not possible anymore

Subscriptions deadline: 
Thursday, 14 March, 2019
Pila (Aosta)
Meeting Point: 
IULM University
  • Everyone is invited.