We have a new partner right in the middle of Milanese movida, the Navigli area!







In Via Ascanio Sforza 17 you’ll find a cozy wooden pub called “Bench” were you can enjoy special prices on drinks and beers. It has even got a huge boat in front of it where smokers and open-air lovers can relax as much as they want!
Football matches are streamed inside or in the boat as well, and on all fridays and some thursdays there all be all kinds of live music to delight you ears!
When you get there, kindly ask for Mauro (the worst waiter on earth), and if he’s not there show your ESN card at the cashier or at the moment of ordering!
All the details of the partnership are listed below.
Lunch Time:
You can have a full “student menu” composed of an hamburger or a sandwich chosen from the menu, french fries, a drink (water, small beer from tap, glass of wine, coke/fanta ecc) and a espresso coffee to ensure you don’t fall asleep right after!
From Monday to Thursday:
All cocktails from the list for 5 euros 
Glass bottle for 15 euros
Glass of wine for 4 euros
Blonde or red beer from tap for 5 euros
3 Shots or chupitos fro 5 euros
From Friday to Sunday:
All cocktails from the list for 6 euros
Blonde or red beer from tap for 5 euros
Chances are some member of ESN will also be drinking there, so don’t forget to immediately point out you are an Erasmus/International student!